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Applying for Membership is an easy process.

Step1: Enter Paticipant Information

You will complete a short form on this page, select a plan, select an enrolling agent and then select a method of payment. When you have completed the process you will be enrolled and will receive a temporary membership card via email that can be used immediately.

Please provide the following information. (All of it is required for enrollment.)

Participant Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Current Legal Address:
Zip/Postal code:
Date of Birth:
Social Security Number:
Home Phone Number:
EMail Address:

Select a Plan of Assistance

Funeral Cremation

Apply Online Now!

Step One

Complete your simple application form (any age can apply). Applications are available at your local participating funeral home.

Step Two

Submit your one-time membership fee with the application. No other payment is ever needed.

Step Three

Receive your Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ membership card that identifies you as a member and you'll enjoy peace of mind anywhere you travel. . . 24-hours a day, 365 days a year!